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Tree Trimming and Removal

Pittsburgh Lumberjack Tree Service will help keep your yard safe and looking beautiful with the tree trimming and tree removal services. We understand that this can be a dangerous operation and safety is our primary concern. All our clients receive the best care when working with us. We will work with you to ensure the tree looks as you want. We'll also remove any unnecessary debris. Reach out to us today at (412) 931-5301 to schedule your tree trimming or removal.
Trimming the tree - Tree service in Pittsburgh, PA

Tree Removal

Sometimes your tree needs to be removed. Pittsburgh Lumberjack Tree Service will help rid you of the tree, whatever the reason for removal may be. Our trained and experienced professionals are dedicated to safety and protection. Once our job is finished in a timely manner, we'll remove any unnecessary debris.

Stump Grinding

Pittsburgh Lumberjack Tree Service will help you remove the unwanted stump from your yard. Once the tree is gone, we'll leave the area ready for a new tree or a new spot in the yard.

Timely Service

When working with Pittsburgh Lumberjack Tree Service, we'll complete the tree trimming or tree removal job in a timely manner. Once completed, we review everything done, so that you are informed and will know how to address any potential issues in the future.

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Reach out to Pittsburgh Lumberjack Tree Service by phone at (412) 931-5301 for a free estimate and to schedule your tree trimming or tree removal.