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Tree Service in Pittsburgh, Wexford, Cranberry, Mars and Surrounding Areas of PA

Pittsburgh Lumberjack Tree Service is a premier tree service company in the greater Pittsburgh area, serving surrounding areas such as Wexford, Cranberry and Mars. We offer residential and commercial tree health consultations. Our arborists are fully licensed and insured, so we are completely prepared to take care of your tree needs.
With a passion for client care, we aim to make procuring tree services as easy as possible. We are efficient and we complete each job on time and meet budget. With our wide range of available services, we can take care of your needs no matter what they are. If you have a field of trees that need regular trims, our friendly arborist team is happy to help.
We have a wide variety of standardized packages available to both our residential and commercial clients with the option to customize your services as needed. Our team is available all throughout the year to ensure that your trees always receive the care they need. Give us a call today if you need an arborist to come care for your trees!

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